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Ezra Klein: Summers pick fits Obama’s preference for beaten path

At this point, Larry Summers isn’t just the favorite for Federal Reserve chairman. He’s the overwhelming favorite. Unless something truly unexpected shows up in the vetting process (a paid toast at Bashar al-Assad’s birthday party, for example) or the administration comes to believe Senate Democrats will revolt against a Summers nomination, he’s going to get the job.

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Clive Crook: U.S. criminal justice is a disgrace

“As a prosecutor, a judge, an attorney in private practice, and now, as our nation’s attorney general, I’ve seen the criminal justice system firsthand, from nearly every angle. While I have the utmost faith in — and dedication to — America’s legal system, we must face the reality that, as it stands, our system is in too many respects broken.”

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Richard Vedder: Obama needs push to shake up higher education

President Barack Obama keeps declaring war on rising college costs. In a speech at Knox College last month, he vowed to unveil an “aggressive strategy to shake up the system, tackle rising costs and improve value.” He said something similar in his 2012 State of the Union address, so I’m a little skeptical that much will happen.

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Ramesh Ponnuru: Will Republicans blow it again in 2014?

In the past few weeks, the U.S. Senate races of 2014 have started to take shape. Elizabeth Cheney, daughter of the former vice president, announced that she would take on Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming in a Republican primary. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky got a challenger, too, in businessman Matt Bevin. And Representative Tom Cotton, an Arkansas Republican, has decided to run against incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Pryor.

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