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Justice mallet and blank document with Covid-19 red stamp close up
Feb 16, 2023

Justices affirm video testimony did not violate right to confront

The Minnesota Supreme Court held that the defendant’s right to confront her witness face-to-face was not violated with remote technology.

Court legal gavel and facemask isolated on white
Nov 2, 2022

Rights not violated by masked prospective jurors

A Maryland court ruled a defendant's right to view prospective jurors was not violated by a mask mandate, upholding a triple-murder conviction.

an encampment at Powderhorn Park with tents on the grass in 2020
Aug 26, 2022

Judge: Save belongings of homeless

A federal class action lawsuit concerning those who lost property during homeless encampment sweeps in Minneapolis is permitted to go forward in part.

Gavel, Law books
Jun 15, 2022

Law firm profitability set records in 2021, survey finds

Cushman & Wakefield’s Bright Insight Survey revealed record growth for law firms in 2021 with 85% of firm respondents indicating that COVID-19 had a favorable impact on their firms.

A view down the middle of tree-lined State Street in Madison, Wisconsin
Jun 8, 2022

Wisconsin justices say COVID records can be released

A divided Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tuesday said the state health department can release data on coronavirus outbreak cases, information sought two years ago near the beginning of the pandemic.

A syringe is prepared with a COVID-19 vaccine
Mar 17, 2022

Commentary: Why are COVID vaccine injuries treated differently?

There are significant differences in the process and compensation for those injured from the COVID-19 vaccine versus other vaccines such as the seasonal flu.

Mar 11, 2022

Justice Department names pandemic fraud prosecutor

The Justice Department named a chief prosecutor for pandemic fraud Thursday, following through on President Joe Biden’s State of the Union promise to go after criminals who stole billions in relief money.

Doctor give injection of vaccine to boy's arm.
Mar 10, 2022

Commentary: COVID vaccination status a hot topic in child custody cases

The pandemic continues to present new and unprecedented experiences affecting our everyday lives. One such experience is the emerging phenomenon of new family court litigation between parents who cannot agree on the COVID-19 vaccination status of their children.

United States flag flies in front of a church steeple topped by a Christian cross.
Feb 16, 2022

Perspectives: New high court religious aid case rooted here

Another opportunity for the Supreme Court to yet again extend free exercise of religion arises in a case that echoes precedent derived from Minnesota litigation nearly four decades ago.

Feb 4, 2022

Judge’s insistence on mask removal spurs complaint

A watchdog group lodged a complaint Thursday against a federal appeals court judge for insisting that a lawyer remove his mask during arguments held in New Orleans at a time last month when new cases of COVID-19 were surging.

COVID-19 test with letters on cubes spelling COVID-19 test
Feb 2, 2022

Washington state sues COVID-19 testing company

Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson has filed a lawsuit against an Illinois-based COVID-19 testing company, accusing it of improperly handling tests and providing fake results.

A sign outside of Greenwood Elementary School in Des Moines, Iowa that reads "Wear A Mask"
Jan 27, 2022

Ruling OKs Iowa mask rule protecting disabled students

A federal appeals court allowed the state of Iowa to enforce a law that prevents local schools from imposing mask mandates, except for schools attended by students whose disabilities make them more vulnerable to severe illness if they get COVID-19.

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