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DFL lege leaders present their budget plan

DFL legislative leaders have released their proposal for balancing the state's nearly $3 billion budget deficit by the time the session legally must adjourn next Monday. And the essential trade-off appears to be this: DFLers will say yes to 80-85 percent of Gov. Tim Pawlenty's unallotment actions, including a ratification of his ad hoc $1.8 billion school payment shift, if the governor agrees to $433 million in new taxes.

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Unallotment II: The rematch

Wednesday's Minnesota Supreme Court decision invalidating the one-man, $2.7 billion budget-balancing act undertaken last year by Gov. Tim Pawlenty left Democrats cheering and Republicans sniping, but the reaction was richly bipartisan in another sense: Everyone began scrambling to figure out what has to happen next and what the broader repercussions might be.

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DFL’s budget cuts bill has $67 million in one-time money

DFL legislative leaders have long flogged Gov. Tim Pawlenty for his reliance on one-time moneys in crafting budget fixes that leave the hard budget-balancing questions for another time. But the omnibus budget supplemental passed today in both legislative chambers, which encompasses every budget sector except the two biggest -- health and human services and K-12 education -- does many of the same budgetary magic tricks that Pawlenty has grown famous for deploying.

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