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Budget / Taxes

Oct 1, 2015

States competing for data centers extend $1.5B in tax breaks

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The former limestone mine seemed perfect for a large computer data center. The air was cool. The rock walls provided a defense against natural disasters. And the tunnels bored into a Kansas City hillside had access to abundant electricity and fiber-optic cables. But the mine lacked something important: tax breaks. Without them, several companies chose instead to locate thei[...]

Sep 29, 2015

North Loop group not giving up on soccer stadium

A group of North Loop business and community leaders isn’t ready to give up on bringing a pro soccer stadium to Minneapolis despite more solid plans in St. Paul. The group, known as 2020 Partners, is a collection of dozens of North Loop players looking for ways to generate investment in the neighborhood. At a recent meeting, group members outlined plans to meet with policymakers and stakehold[...]

Sep 29, 2015

St. Paul counts on developers to bankroll River Balcony

St. Paul planners last week detailed their ambitious plan to link the Mississippi River to downtown St. Paul attractions along the bluff, but a few key elements — a price tag and a timetable — remain unclear. The River Balcony project is designed to tap into the river as an economic development engine by luring visitors and opening new development opportunities, including restaurants and re[...]

Sep 25, 2015

Board: It’s time for results in Rochester build-out

The board overseeing a massive downtown Rochester build-out urged staffers to sharpen their focus on recruiting businesses and fostering partnerships, critical components of the multibillion-dollar project that haven’t materialized yet. Five months after the group approved a development framework for the Destination Medical Center project, some members at a Thursday meeting laid out their exp[...]

Sep 25, 2015

Tax bill is a key soccer stadium goal

When it comes to the tricky tale of the attempts that Minneapolis and St. Paul have made to land a Major League Soccer team, plenty of soccer metaphors present themselves. The shot, the save, the called foul, the pass and/or assist; take your pick. But the more accurate example might be the “dead-ball” circumstance of a free kick, with a player — or, in this case, an entire league — standi[...]

Sep 23, 2015

Greenway Heights makes room for families

It took more than a decade and the help of 11 major funders, but the affordable Greenway Heights Family Housing building designed for large families is up and running. The 42-unit building at 2845 Bloomington Ave. S. is in Minneapolis’ East Phillips neighborhood, an ethnically diverse area with immigrants from Nepal, Somalia and Ethiopia, and significant Latino and Asian populations. The buil[...]

Sep 18, 2015

Keeping public data private

Data Practices Commission studies security concerns over citizens’ data.

Sep 18, 2015

Milestone celebrated for Vikings stadium

A storm delayed placement of the final steel beam, but workers celebrated the traditional topping off anyway.

Sep 16, 2015

Finding balance with the Capitol’s art

A team of legislators, architects and historians is working through the complicated issues raised by determining a long-term plan for public displays and usage in the Capitol.

Sep 11, 2015

Sheriff: Cited lawmaker ‘changed her tune’

Emails indicate Tara Mack initially “said she was glad the deputy came along to save her from an uncomfortable situation."

Sep 9, 2015

Experts fear another avian flu outbreak

Lawmakers hear testimony about how to improve response

Sep 9, 2015

U of M’s Bell Museum gets bigger, costlier

Earlier plans slashed the building’s size from 92,500 to roughly 62,500 square feet, much to the displeasure of project advocates.

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