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Minnesota Political Blog Directory

Minnesota left / liberal blog directory

Retired or Dormant Sites:

  • Capitol Talk: Minnesota (dormant)
  • Minnesota Progressive Newswire (dormant)
  • Clever Peasantry (Retired)
  • Knowledge (Retired)
  • Fire Mark Kennedy (Retired)
  • The Road Menace (Retired)
  • Minvolved (Retired)
  • Pollytick(retired)
  • Backbone Minnesota (Retired)
  • Work in Progress (Retired)
  • Zimbo’s Political Blotter (Retired)
  • American Hot Sausage (retired)
  • Vote Colleen Rowley (Dormant)
  • Joe Rolette Politics (Retired)
  • Wetterling v. Bachmann (Dormant)
  • Blanked-Out (dormant until caucuses)

Minnesota right / conservative blog directory

A big ol’ index of conservative, right-of-center and perhaps RINO blogs. We’re mixing in the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers – a well-known authoritative index of conservative bloggers in Minnesota.

Minnesota Independent Blogroll

Sorry, we don’t have more ‘independent’ blogs listed yet. Please send us some (via website feedback or [email protected])!

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