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Author Archives: Phil Krinkie

Phil Krinkie: Red state vs. blue state

Today there is more than the St. Croix River that divides Minnesota from Wisconsin. Over the past two years there has been a growing political divide. While Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker may have the same overarching objectives of creating jobs and improving the economy, their solutions for achieving these goals is as different as day and night.

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Phil Krinkie: Who’s sorry now?

Now that the 2013 legislative session has concluded, there may be a lot of Minnesota voters who are sorry – sorry about how they voted last fall, or maybe sorry that they didn’t vote. Either way, they’re likely to agree with the sentiment expressed in that 1958 hit record by Connie Francis, “Who’s Sorry Now?”

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Phil Krinkie: Another stadium blunder

In the last 30 years, Minnesota legislators and local officials have stumbled and bumbled their way through a half-dozen taxpayer-funded stadium deals. Now, as the 2013 legislative session draws to a close, they are about to commit yet one more in a long list of stadium-building blunders.

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Phil Krinkie: The E-stadium

Last year in May, after 10 years of acrimonious debate over the public funding of a new Vikings stadium, the state Legislature passed a financing package that called for the state to pay $348 million of the $960 million in estimated total construction costs.

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