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Kaye Rakow, key voice for NAIOP, to retire

In 2008, the Legislature took up a proposal to provide a $200 million subsidy to expand the Mall of America in Bloomington. The primary mechanism to pay for the project was to dip into the “fiscal disparities” pool, a revenue-sharing program that benefits parts of the state with less lucrative commercial property tax bases.

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Business filings suggest economy struggling

Preston Luman’s fledgling Sports Clip franchise was among 4,661 new business filings in September, according to statistics compiled by the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office. That’s an 11 percent increase over August and the highest level of business creation since May.

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Border battle: Officials spar over tax policies

Minnesota and Wisconsin are on divergent paths when it comes to fiscal policy. Under Republican Gov. Scott Walker and a GOP-controlled assembly, Wisconsin cut taxes by nearly $1 billion this year, including a $650 million reduction in income taxes. The avowed goal was to make the state more attractive to businesses and bolster job growth.

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Bumps and all, MNsure opens for business

More than three years after passage of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Minnesota’s health insurance exchange opened for business on Tuesday. The MNsure website had more than 100,000 visitors on opening day, and more than 500 people created accounts in just the first hour of operation.

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