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Author Archives: Neil Hamilton

The law as ‘soulcraft’

Can work in the law be a kind of soulcraft? Can legal education help prepare students to experience work as a type of soulcraft? Last month philosopher/mechanic and best-selling author of "Shop Class as Soulcraft," Michael Crawford (who runs a motorcycle repair shop in Richmond, Va.) addressed these questions at the 2011 Stakeholder Dialogue at the University of St. Thomas Opus School of Business.

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Competency models and the ‘new normal’ market

A July 2009 survey of U.S. law firms reported that in response to market changes, almost 75 percent of the firms had or were planning to develop a competency-model approach to talent management. This article will explore the legal market forces driving change toward a "new normal," and how competency models respond to these market forces.

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A sporting theory of representation

Beginning in December, the Star Tribune ran a series of articles titled "Derailed," about the judicial penalties imposed on Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation. The newspaper quoted the BNSF general counsel saying that his client is "committed to the highest ethical principles at every turn, never compromising on safety, never compromising on ethics, never compromising our integrity."

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Hamilton: Provocative ideas about professional judgment

President Obama's June 2010 firing of Gen. Stanley McChrystal as top commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan yields a lesson for all professionals: Regardless of your career stage and overall job performance, if you do not actively work at growing your professional judgment by appropriately reacting to, reflecting on and learning from your mistakes, you are always susceptible to the consequences that follow.

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