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Author Archives: Marshall H. Tanick

Tennis cases fill Minnesota courts

The number of prominent Minnesota tennis stars has been dwarfed by many tennis-related cases in Minnesota. They cover a broad range of subjects ranging from “A” for antitrust to “Z” for zoning. The national championship provides an appropriate occasion to look at some of Minnesota’s own litigation lore.

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In Minnesota, arbitration rules

Minnesota continues to embrace arbitration as evidenced in a pair of recent rulings of the Minnesota Court of Appeals. In both cases, the court confronted issues of arbitrability of legal disputes and the effect of those arbitrations and, in both cases, the arbitrable process was upheld.

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Recent decisions diverge on privacy

The tort of common law invasion of privacy was not recognized in Minnesota until 1998. Since its inception in Lake v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., 582 N.W.2d 231 (1998), the cause of action for privacy has been addressed infrequently by the courts and has not made much headway.

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Wisconsin election recalls state removal law

The intense interest generated by the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election will come to a head June 5 when voters decide whether to retain the incumbent governor, Scott Walker. The next-door recall of the governor and lieutenant governor as well calls attention to the law of removing elected officials in Minnesota.

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