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Wisconsin election recalls state removal law

The intense interest generated by the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election will come to a head June 5 when voters decide whether to retain the incumbent governor, Scott Walker. The next-door recall of the governor and lieutenant governor as well calls attention to the law of removing elected officials in Minnesota.

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Quit work, lose new job: No unemployment

One restaurant manager who quit his job suffered multiple losses. After resigning to take another job, the new position fell through, leaving the ex-manager without any position. Then, to make matters worse, he was denied unemployment compensation benefits, too, as a quitter.

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Leap year boasts litigation lore

The extra day is welcomed by lawyers because it gives them an additional day to bill their time. It further gives presidential candidates one more day to campaign. It also means another day to litigate, whether cases involve leap year or not. Here’s a look at some of the legal lore about leap year.

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