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Kevin Featherly, who joined BridgeTower Media in mid-2016, is a journalist and former freelance writer who has covered politics, law, business, technology and popular culture for publications and websites in the Twin Cities and nationally since the mid-1990s.

Revenue releases mammoth tax expenditure report

The state’s 14th tax expenditure study was released on Feb. 4 by the Minnesota Department of Revenue. The 199-page document is intended to give lawmakers a rundown of tax expenditures — which generically might be termed “tax breaks” — but it provides little by way of summary. The numbers, for instance, are nowhere tallied.

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East German emigré Gildemeister guards Health Economics Program’s independence

Gildemeister also is director of the Minnesota Health Department’s Health Economics Program. With its $5 million budget and 22-member staff, the office is a crucial cog in state health care policy. The office performs research and analysis on Minnesota’s health care system and helps keep lawmakers informed — both on the viability of their plans to fix health care and the relative merits of what they already have tried.

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