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Retiring state senator Steve Murphy praises bipartisanship, bemoans ‘polarizing politics’

State Sen. Steve Murphy’s official line for retiring is to find more family time, but he sounds as if he might just be sick and tired of lawmaking. Words like “nonsense” and “turmoil” come out when Murphy speaks of the political process at the Capitol these days, and Murphy pines for the days when bipartisanship, in his view, was more common, such as when he came to St. Paul in 1993.

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Murphy: a new force in the House

If there’s anything to the notion that all politics is personal, then it’s not hard to see how Erin Murphy wound up in the Minnesota Legislature. Murphy, the DFL state representative from St. Paul, is a nurse by profession. She comes from what she describes as a “big Irish Catholic family” that lionized John F. Kennedy.

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