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Author Archives: Gene Policinski

Difference between our news media and others’: 45 words

The freedoms of speech and press spelled out in the 45 words of the First Amendment protect U.S. journalists from government restraint or reprisal for what they say or write. As a result, with rare exceptions, throughout our history journalists have sometimes risked reputation, circulation or ratings - but not their lives - for what they have published or broadcast.

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Policinski: First Amendment disputes take no summer vacation

From a judge willing-if only for a time-to throw "80 years of First Amendment jurisprudence on its head" with her court order, to a congressional attempt to exempt depictions of animal cruelty from free-speech protection, to leaks of secret documents that may threaten national security, to protests over Islamic centers and mosques ... well, disputes touching on the amendment's five freedoms are as hot as August weather.

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