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Author Archives: Dane Smith

President of Growth & Justice since 2007. Journalist, covering politics and government for Star Tribune and St. Paul Pioneer Press, 1977-2007.

Dane Smith: Texans and Minnesotans learning from each other

DALLAS — Mayor Mike Rawlings is a plain-spoken former CEO who is rather brash about his city’s emergence as the center of what is now the nation’s fourth-largest metropolitan area and a powerhouse of economic growth, or as he puts it, the top-ranked destination in America for U-Haul trailer drop-offs.

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Dane Smith: Alaska’s new diversity points to red-state sea change

Many people who visit Alaska see it only from cruise ships, or they fly in to Anchorage and get out to the “real” Alaska as soon as they can, to the more scenic grandeur of the wilderness or the prime fishing and camping spots. There, they typically rub elbows with a mostly affluent and mostly white crowd of fellow travelers and tourist industry employees and entrepreneurs.

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Dane Smith: IRS and state tax systems: clean and efficient

I’ve never had that much difficulty figuring my own taxes and it’s getting easier all the time, especially with those commercial online tax-filing programs that do a pretty decent job of step-by-step calculation. Except when they make mistakes, as my private-sector preparer did this year in its software for my Minnesota income tax.

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