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Minnesota Lawyer and Finance & Commerce products and services capture the attention of affluent, high-level decision makers in the business, legal, political, accounting, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, and financial services industries, as well as many others. Our editorial content is created by award-winning journalists and delivered to decades-long loyal audiences.

Our print and digital platforms can provide the reach and frequency you need to engage your target customers.

Display Advertising – Feature your business with a display ad on our websites, in email newsletters, and in our digital and print publications. Full color and premium placement options are available.

CoBranded Emails – Your message to our audience from a brand name they recognize and trust. We can help with design, content, and deployment.

Custom Email Programs – Build your email marketing campaigns and expand your customer base! Using your most current data ensures your campaigns reach active and high-quality leads. Email marketing will help to micro-target your audience and provide you with real-time email metrics.

Search Marketing – When customers search online, are they finding you or your competitors? Our proven SEO methods are based on in-depth analysis of what search engines are looking for, which helps your business have greater visibility online so more customers can find you.

Webinars – Our webinars are a thought leadership solution designed to connect you with prospective customers directly, to showcase your expertise and value. Webinar solutions include marketing to our database, webinar facilitation, and content and marketing consultation.

Live Events – From educational roundtable discussions to large-scale awards galas, Minnesota Lawyer and Finance & Commerce events are the highlight of the business, legal, and construction networking scene.

Well attended in all our verticals nationwide, a variety of participation and sponsorship opportunities will put you and your business in front of key high-level decision makers in your area of specialty.

Native Content – The native content medium allows you to express your thought leadership on a particular subject matter and establish yourself or your company as an expert in that area, thus enhancing your credibility and visibility to prospective clients. Your content runs on our websites and in our publications, with a link back to your business or firm, so you can identify the hottest leads for your sales and marketing efforts. By the time you make your sales call, you have already ‘made the case’ for why your product or services are needed.

National Reach – Minnesota Lawyer is also part of BridgeTower Media with properties that cover business, legal, financial, real estate and government affairs sectors in 24 different U.S. markets. Your advertising plan can include any or all of these outstanding media.


For further information, contact:

Scot Wallace can be reached at or 612-584-1544

Eric Fischer can be reached at or 612-584-1545

You can reach Publisher Bill Gaier by calling 612-584-1537 or emailing him at