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2023 Unsung Legal Heroes: Nina Grove

Dan Heilman//September 25, 2023//

Nina Grove

Nina Grove

2023 Unsung Legal Heroes: Nina Grove

Dan Heilman//September 25, 2023//

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Office of the Minnesota Attorney General

Colleagues call Nina Grove an indispensable part of the consumer, wage and antitrust division of the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office. In her role as investigator, she keeps cases organized, discovers critical facts, and deals with concerned consumers.

Grove has developed a thorough understanding of discovery technology, and uses it not only for her own work, but for training tutorials and practice pointers about e-discovery and document review.

“My tasks here range from summarizing lengthy documents to working with victims and witnesses in our cases,” she said. “It’s a wide variety of work that’s focused on consumer protection.”

Grove has worked for the Attorney General’s Office since graduating college.

“In what’s now called our consumer action division, I did a lot of answering phones, communicating directly with the public to help connect them with resources and mediate complaints they had against businesses,” she said.

“From there, I worked my way up and was eventually promoted to investigator. It’s been a great journey.”

Grove has played a role in her office’s ongoing enforcement action against predatory landlords. For a case against a landlord who was allegedly misrepresenting its property-repair practices and renting uninhabitable homes to Minnesotans, Grove’s document review helped categorize documents to further develop the case.

In another case, a Hennepin County court ordered Minneapolis landlord Steven Meldahl to reimburse the state of Minnesota more than $1 million for its costs of investigating and prosecuting Meldahl’s violations of Minnesota’s landlord-tenant and consumer-protection law.

“I testified at the trial and got the opportunity to share my investigative findings with the court, which was a very rewarding experience,” said Grove. “It was a case that was kind of new to our office, so we were all very happy to get a positive outcome.”

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