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The POWER 30: Richard Ruohonen

Minnesota Lawyer//June 22, 2023

Richard Ruohonen

Richard Ruohonen, TSR Injury Law

The POWER 30: Richard Ruohonen

Minnesota Lawyer//June 22, 2023

TSR Injury Law

“Rich has had one of the best years a personal injury attorney could possibly have,” Steve Terry, Rich Ruohonen’s partner said during his nomination of Ruohonen for 2022 attorney of the year.

That was because cases came together in 2022 after years of work, but that’s exactly the point. “Getting the client the most compensation that you can so their life will be easier in the long run is a lot of work,” Terry told Minnesota Lawyer at the time.

“He resolved two eight-figure cases but due to confidentiality aspects of these cases cannot really say too much about them. However, I can say one settled for $12,000,000 which involved a workplace accident of a man who had a leg amputation,” Terry wrote.

He also settled another case this year for $4,000,000 for a woman hit by a commercial vehicle and suffered a serious dominant arm injury with contested liability.  The case was settled a couple of weeks before trial on the day that almost 30 separate motions were to be heard, Terry wrote.

Ruohonen also settled a few other accident cases right around a million dollars. In fact, Rich is known for cases involving day care liability and he resolved a case this year for $1,000,000 for a minor who suffered a serious traumatic brain injury as a result of being shaken by an employee. He has made efforts at the legislature to try to change daycare insurance requirements to keep children safer.

Ruohonen first handled a day care case early in his practice and has stayed with them, charging less than standard contingent fees.

Although his children long ago outgrew day care, the cases still make him think, “if these were my kids, what would I want?” He thinks the problem is that the Department of Human Services is under-funded and can’t “police” the providers as they should and enforce safety and insurance regulations. Furthermore, some providers have more children in their care than is safe, Ruohonen said. “More funding for DHS,” he advocates.

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