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Royee Vlodaver
Royee Vlodaver

The POWER 30: Royee Vlodaver

Vlodaver Law Offices, LLC

Royee Vlodaver, a solo practitioner in St. Paul, is “outside in-house counsel” to clients who need an attorney but not full time. He understands their business needs and is visible to the business, but his clients don’t need legal help on a daily basis.

“It‘s a nice way of working with people who appreciate you. You can create a good and meaningful relationship.” Vlodaver said. “I’m trying to be not overhead, but value added. I’m happy be to in a good relationship with my clients.”

His practice is in commercial real estate, working with a variety of tenants and landlords, from tech companies to “Mom and Pop” landlords,” Vlodaver said.

“I find it really enjoyable. “They had to pivot a lot during the pandemic.  I like to teach and explain so that the clients can really feel good. I don’t ever think that I know more than my clients. It’s fun to see how they think, how they are wired differently from me.” he said.

The rental market shifted during the pandemic. “A lot of clients had really good opportunities and had to be creative about space. Landlords didn’t want smaller leases but had no choice,” he continued.

“They did some work-arounds and deferred some rent payments. We’re now past that point and clients are looking for new businesses,” he said.

“If a deal goes well, everybody’s happy. The city is happy, the sellers made money, the neighbors are happy.  For me that’s fun. So I try to make every deal a win-win.

“Some firms have a large incentive to keep things internal, I do have the ability to outsource. I haven’t had to do litigation in 15 years,” he added.