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Jon Schindel (left) and Kyle Moen
Jon Schindel (left) and Kyle Moen, Schindel Segal Mendoza

The POWER 30: Jon Schindel and Kyle Moen

Jon Schindel and Kyle Moen say that what sets us apart from other firms is that they are  focused on getting to the closing and will bring in other lawyers as needed. They are partners at a (relatively) small Minneapolis firm Schindel Segal Mendoza that has gone through its own merger with the law firm of solo practitioner Anthony Mendoza, creating a seven-attorney firm in St. Louis Park.

“We’re kind of in a spot where we need systems. Tony was looking for some formalities,  our model is bringing in attorneys,” Schindel said. The big book of business that he brought was helpful, and the lawyers in the office who could absorb some of it also worked. As in other successful mergers or acquisitions, the personality and culture meshed.

Their M&A business is booming, and with clients who want the transaction to move.

“We’re not afraid to bring in other lawyers because we’re confident of our relationship with our client,” said Schindel. “Let’s get to the finish line, let’s get the deal done. My job is to get the deal done.”

A good source of their clientele is the result of referrals from “[their] friends downtown,” who turn to them when a conflict arises. They believe they will have done 100 deals, or close, in 2022.

“Our deals are interesting, they don’t make the newspapers, but they change someone’s life, offering retirement or a big payday. Closing days give me chills,” Schindel said.

The buy side of a transaction can be chill-producing too, Moen said. Sometimes the sellers are emotional, the business was their “baby.” “I have to prepare them for the steps in the transaction, due diligence, how to block out some kind of negotiation rhetoric.” He recalled that a private equity investor once held a “celebration of life” for a business being sold where people shared kind words and emotional support. Representing the seller, he found it cathartic.

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