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Alexandria Reyes Schroeder, Wells Fargo
Alexandria Reyes Schroeder, Wells Fargo

In-House Counsel 2022: Alexandria Reyes Schroeder

After graduating from Wake Forest University Law School in 2009, Alexandria Reyes Schroeder entered the specialty of financial services litigation during a very eventful period. In the wake of the 2008-2009 financial crisis, lawmakers and regulators took major action intended to help prevent such a major meltdown from ever happening again.

The new regulatory climate steepened the learning curve for that sector of the legal profession. As a young litigator, first with an Atlanta law firm, then one in Minneapolis, Reyes Schroeder gained experience and expertise that serves her well in her subsequent career.

Since the passing of the landmark Dodd-Frank Bill, “we have had to adjust to a new legal framework, a more regulated environment, and make sure we are responsive not only to regulators, but also customers,” she says.

Since Reyes Schroder joined Wells Fargo in 2019, being an in-house counsel has enabled her to “be on the front end of trying to prevent regulatory issues before they arise. Rather than reacting, we have the opportunity to be proactive and preemptive.”

Reyes Schroeder has taken the opportunity to impart some of the expertise and insight she has gained to younger people as an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota Law School (she is currently on maternity leave). Her teaching focuses on “those practical skills you develop when you start working.”

As a teacher, she also enjoys mentoring law students and providing career guidance. As a person of color, she can also be a role model for younger people of color following in her footsteps as an active member of the Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers.

In contributing to the community as a volunteer, Reyes Schroeder’s favorite commitment is supporting the educational foundation developed by her St. Paul high school, St. Paul Central. The St. Paul Central Educational Foundation provides more than $100,000 in scholarship aid each year. She also helped raise more than $200,000 to endow a scholarship in the memory of her late classmate Philando Castile, who was killed by police in 2016.

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