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From left: Michael Hall III, Mara Brust, Kate Hockin and Mike Hall Sr.
From left: Michael Hall III, Mara Brust, Kate Hockin and Mike Hall Sr.

2021 Attorneys of the Year: The Hall Law Team

Last year Minneapolis-based Hall Law PA teamed up to win a $6.7 million jury verdict and three of the top 10 auto-RFN settlements in Minnesota history.

If you’ve never heard of auto accident-RFN cases, you’re not alone. The name, short for radiofrequency neurotomy, refers to a treatment used to alleviate pain coming from an injured facet joint of the spine. Facet joint injuries are common in car accidents, and many personal injury cases hinge on the injury and its treatment.

The $6.7 million jury verdict and subsequent judgment in the case Kelley v. The Bernick’s Company, et. al. arose from an accident in which a Minneapolis city maintenance worker suffered near amputation of his lower leg while working within a city work zone. Hall’s case argued that the worker’s truck caused the injury when it became entangled with a water hose, and then dragged the hose through the work zone.

The last settlement offer the plaintiff received before trial was $600,000. “The settlement offer was pretty low,” says Hall III. “They were of the opinion they could prove it was the plaintiff’s fault. We thought it was best to take it to trial.”

2021 was a strong year for the Hall team. In addition to the Kelley verdict, the team recorded three of the 10 largest auto accident-RFN settlements in Minnesota history, all in the high six figures.

“We have a really solid team here,” Hall says.  “My partner Mara and I are both children of personal injury lawyers. Meanwhile, Kate brought in new blood and great ideas.”

For his part, Hall III has compiled an impressive list of jury verdicts over the years, including the largest jury verdict in St. Cloud history. The $10.5 million verdict is the largest jury verdict ever recorded in Stearns County.

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