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Alain Baudry
Alain Baudry

2021 Attorneys of the Year: Alain Baudry


itigator Alain Baudry’s practice spans a range of interests, from immigration law to professional sports to corporate representation. The Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr partner has scored a string of victories over the past few years: defending a client’s federal civil rights, resolving contentious contract disputes, and navigating numerous legal challenges for an NBA franchise.

In Parada v. Anoka County, Baudry served as lead trial lawyer for Myriam Parada, a Mexican citizen who was brought to the Anoka County Jail for a traffic misdemeanor. The jail then notified U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) — following an unwritten policy of contacting ICE anytime a foreign-born person arrived at the jail — and delayed her release so she could be turned over to ICE. The federal court ruled the county’s practice of calling ICE was unconstitutional.

Working with the ACLU, Baudry won $30,000 for Parada from a federal jury and $248,000 in attorneys’ fees. “This case is an example of systemic racism in law enforcement policies and procedures,” Baudry notes. “It’s one of the reasons immigrants are reluctant to report crimes — because they fear any encounter with law enforcement is going to turn into a referral to ICE.”

In Rembrandt Enterprises Inc. v. Rexing Quality Eggs, Baudry prevailed before the Seventh Circuit on behalf of one of the nation’s largest egg producers, Rembrandt Enterprises, who sued an Indiana client over a disputed contract. The company won a $1.5 million jury verdict and $2.6 million for attorneys’ fees and prejudgment interest.

Finally, Baudry has represented the Minnesota Timberwolves in numerous successful legal battles. The New York City native says he gets hired “by clients who entrust me with a wide variety of litigation disputes because of their confidence in my trial skills.”

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