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Loan Huynh
Loan Huynh

2021 Diversity & Inclusion: Loan Huynh

Fredrikson & Byron PA

The images of Afghans fleeing Kabul as American forces withdrew in August brought back memories for Fredrikson & Byron PA shareholder and immigration attorney Loan Huynh, who escaped Vietnam with her family in 1975.

“The similarities between Afghanistan and Vietnam are hard to ignore,” she said. “To watch it as it happens is re-traumatizing for many us who are reliving what happened to them more than 40 years ago.”

Huynh helps employers, emplyees, individuals and families secure visas to work and live in the United States. As the chair/shareholder in the firm’s immigration group, her clients include companies in health care, hospitality, agribusiness, life sciences, biotechnology, information technology and building trades. From hospitals to resorts, many employers face a labor shortage and are desperately seeking all options including sponsoring international workers qualified to meet labor needs, she said.

Although immigration law remains unchanged under the Biden administration “the attitude toward immigration has changed,” she said.  We “are living under an environment where the message now is that if you are different, you are still welcome in the United States.”

Huynh is active in organizations that promote diversity and inclusion within the legal profession and assist victims of human rights abuses by serving on the the Board of the Advocates for Human Rights. Her passion for diversity and inclusion also led her to co-found the Women of Color In the Law Forum.

The path to becoming a  female partner of color at a major law firm has been challenging. “It’s not been an easy path for, for me as a woman of color to do this. Look at the numbers in our our legal industry in Minnesota, across the United States,” Huynh said. “It’s really critical for others like me to lift others like me and to let others know that it is possible, while challenging, it is possible.”

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