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2021 Up & Coming Attorneys

Who are the unsung heroes? It’s the administrator from one of Minnesota’s largest law firms, who in a normal year takes on the number of challenging tasks to maintain the day-to-day operations of the firm so partners “can focus on providing legal services to clients.”

Up & Coming and Unsung Legal Heroes

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But when the pandemic hit, that included an entirely new set of challenges: managing a contact tracing initiative, developing guidance on remote work environment setup, providing well-being resources and developing policies and procedures for a return to work in the office. All of it done with safety for workers and visitors as the guiding principle.

The unsung hero is also a relatively new team at the St. Paul City Attorney’s Office Victim Witness Team, featured on our cover, that works to protect the rights of victims throughout the criminal justice process, which includes everything from gathering information so that an individual might be able to collect restitution to being that source of comfort and assurance to guide a victim of violent crime through a stressful circumstance. “Victims appreciate being included and informed,” says a team member in our profile.

These are but only two of the stories you will find in the following collection of profiles of those whose work and passion should finally get their due, along with those whose talent shines bright, even at the beginning of their careers. Their work is inspirational.

 Joel Schettler, editor


Trevor Brown

Daniel Bruzzone

Aram Desteian

Autumn Gear

Jessica Gutierrez

Lisa Hui-Peterson

Iain Johnson

Grace Kim

Jessica Kometz

Kyle Kroll

Brittany Lawonn

Leah D. Leyendecker

Shui Li

Virginia R. McCalmont

Ann Motl

Alexandria Mueller

Evan Nelson

Laura Nelson

Brittany Resch

Jesse Sater

Rachael Stack

Vanessa Szalapski

Jessica Timmington Lindstrom

Anna M. Tobin

Arielle Wagner

Jessi Wagner

Kathryn Wendt

Davida S. Williams

Kyle Wislocky

Ryan R. Woessner

Seth Zawila

NOTE: Unless noted, photos in this section by Sarah Morreim Photography


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