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Lisa Hui-Peterson
Lisa Hui-Peterson

2021 Up & Coming Attorneys: Lisa Hui-Peterson

Lisa Hui-Peterson’s interest in a legal career dates as far back as middle school, sparked by her family background and an interest in history. Her grandfather, a Chinese immigrant, settled in Seattle, where a local law was passed to exclude Chinese people, based on their race.

After earning a bachelor’s degree at the University of Washington, Hui-Peterson moved to Minnesota in 2012 to attend law school at Hamline University. She originally planned to become an immigration attorney, but doing child-advocacy work as a second-year law student led to an interest in juvenile law.

After graduation, she worked for about a year as a guardian ad litem in the 2nd Judicial District for the Children’s Law Center, then became a law clerk in Hennepin County. In 2016, she returned to work as an associate attorney at the Children’s Law Center, where she worked about three years before joining the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office this spring in the youth justice and wellness division, “a unique spot in the county attorney’s office.”

Hui-Peterson says her early work for the Children’s Law Center “sparked a passion to advocate for children and find the safest outcomes for them. I saw the good and bad of a system that is forever changing, and we’re always trying to find new ways to make it better.”

“We look at education as the cornerstone; kids not going to school leads to various other things. So we are trying to figure out what the issues are. The sooner we can get kids back in school, the better outcomes we’ll have.”

Her runaway intervention work includes a number of girls who are being sex-trafficked, where “we need to figure out how to intervene and stop that from happening.”

“I am focused on how we can do better and be innovative, solving problems. I enjoy being a lawyer. But, sometimes we get can stuck in thinking ‘I’m just one person in the assembly line.’ But there are things we can do differently or better. How can we change and better serve the community?”

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