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Nancy Jaeckels
Nancy Jaeckels

2021 Unsung Legal Heroes: Nancy Jaeckels

As the pandemic ramped up in March 2020, Manty & Associates started looking for a new office the employees would not see for a few months because of the COVID restrictions.

Overseeing the move was office manager Nancy Jaeckels, who suffered a broken kneecap earlier that month. After finding a smaller space, Jaeckels began the process of “begging” the firm’s phone and internet provider to get a new system up and running just as the state closed down due to COVID-19.

“We all know that 2020 was an extremely challenging year, and moving an office in the midst of that was not easy,” she said. She staggered schedules to allow employees to collect materials and equipment from the office to work from home, sold old furniture, and installed new equipment.

During the move-in, Jaeckels’ husband drove her to the new office and she hobbled around and made phone calls to ensure everything got done, at one point even enlisting her son and his friends for grunt work. She transitioned the small law firm to its new digs without too much drama or any transmission of COVID, with barely a missed day of connectivity or phone service.

Jaeckels earned a business degree in the 1980s but decided she wanted to be a paralegal and went to a training school in Atlanta, where she found a job after graduation. A move to Minnesota followed, where she eventually worked for Manty.

Part of Nauni Manty’s business involves being a bankruptcy trustee, with Jaeckels assigned the task of liquidating debtor assets and even in one case assisting in operating a restaurant until its sale. “Bankruptcy trustee work is my total passion,” she said. “I love the problem solving and fast pace of the files. It’s rewarding work.”

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