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Kim Hansen (Submitted photo)

2021 Unsung Legal Heroes: Kim Hansen

Kim Hansen is clear: She doesn’t want to be an attorney. Has never wanted to be one and will never want to be one. But she loves working with them and being around them, and has for the 25-plus years she’s spent at Taft.

Instead of being a lawyer, Hansen prefers to make an impact by connecting her work with staff and lawyers to the firm’s overall goals.

She’s been in her role as director of operations for Taft since January 2020. Taking on a bigger role in the firm was a welcome change at this juncture of her career. She’s been able to extend her reach, get to know more aspects of Taft’s operations and work with the entire firm.

“This change has been really energizing,” she said. “This has enabled me to widen the lanes of my work here.”

As someone who isn’t tied to billable hours in an industry that’s all about billable hours, Hansen appreciates how the attorneys in her office are ready and willing to take on the projects she heads up that aren’t client related.

“I’ve gained a new appreciation for the pressure to always look at your billable situation/client needs and balance the non-billable needs of the firm in light of that,” she said.

That being said, Hansen is proud of the pro bono and extra work Taft’s team does in the community. She heads up the firm’s service committee. Pre-COVID the firm was, and as the pandemic wanes, the firm continues to be very hands-on when it comes to service to others. From Habitat for Humanity to The Sandwich Project to Tubman, and hosting interns from Step Up Achieve Minneapolis and Cristo Rey.

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