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Ann Potter
Ann Potter

2021 Unsung Legal Heroes: Ann Potter

Ann Potter didn’t expect to be a database whiz.

Potter’s plan — at age 11 — was to become a Supreme Court justice and a Harvard Law School graduate. “I was obsessed with ‘Law & Order’ at that time,” she said.

But after completing her B.A. in political science and history, Potter asked her support network about next steps. “I got the message that my skills and interests lent themselves to support roles,” she explained.

A Robins Kaplan internship led to work with mass tort paralegals, and later a medical records specialist role with the firm. “They needed a central node coordinator of all medical document support for multi-district personal injury cases,” Potter said.

Potter’s affinity for databases surprised her; she was a Gen Xer who had never worked in an office. But her work continued growing to include putting processes in place for large amounts of case file information and document management.

When former Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Eric Magnuson needed a paralegal, Potter got to learn appellate practice. “It was overwhelming at first, but it was a great way as a green paralegal to learn litigation from all practice areas and see where it ends up,” Potter said.

One thing Potter finds rewarding about the legal profession is that the law is always changing, which helps to keep it intellectually engaging and connected to real-world outcomes.

“Appellate practice reaches far beyond that, in that it can change case law, which changes how laws are applied,” she said. “It’s incredible to be on the leading edge of that.”

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