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Audio, video evidence pilot program extended

The Minnesota Supreme Court has given its Advisory Committee on the Rules of Criminal Procedure an additional year to file a report on a pilot program in the 4th Judicial District testing “the feasibility and impact of allowing certain audio and video evidence into the jury room.”

Citing the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the peacetime emergency declared in March 2020, the court’s administrative order gives the committee until July 31, 2022, to report on the pilot program and recommend continuing, expanding, or discontinuing it.

“Although some criminal jury trials have been held since [the emergency was declared], the practical impact of the peacetime emergency on the pilot project has been to limit the opportunity for a robust pilot project, and in turn, limit the available data to evaluate and survey for the committee’s report,” the court said. “Thus, an extension of the pilot project is necessary.”

The original deadline was July 31, 2021.


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