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Robert McGarry
Robert McGarry

In-House Counsel 2021: Robert McGarry

For months, Robby McGarry has been deeply engaged in what could be considered a multi-layered challenge: helping lead the formation of Kindeva Drug Delivery L.P. following the $650 million sale and divestment of a global contract manufacturing and development pharmaceutical company from parent company 3M; and doing it in the middle of the worst pandemic in a century.

As vice president of legal, general counsel and corporate secretary of the soon-to-be Woodbury-based Kindeva Drug Delivery, McGarry has served as the first solo in-house counsel for the firm and its nearly 1,000 employees globally. He is also overseeing the planning and construction of Kindeva’s new, $15 million headquarters, opening this fall.

A Stillwater native, McGarry attended law school at the University of Utah before returning to Minnesota to join Dorsey & Whitney in Minneapolis. He started his legal career involved in civil litigation. In 2016, he joined 3M as a division counsel in the health care group, supporting businesses within the firm in the areas of medical devices, pharmaceuticals and health care software.

McGarry relishes the “challenges and opportunities” involved in getting a new company off the ground, doing business internationally in a highly regulated industry and improving patients’ lives. The company manufactures 30 major drug and drug-delivery products, some of which are being tested in COVlD-19-related clinical trials as potential therapies.

Kindeva, which previously operated as a global business division within 3M, partners with pharmaceutical companies and other drug developers to help commercialize their products, take them through clinical trials, gain approval and bring them to market. “Ultimately we want to be the manufacturer for those products, once they go to market.”

The long hours the Kindeva project demands presents the challenge of balancing work and family responsibilities for McGarry and his wife, Elin Lindstrom, who is also an attorney. They have three young children. “The best way to manage (work and family duties) is to work together as a team to help balance each other’s priorities on a daily basis,” said McGarry, who is also a youth hockey coach in St. Mary’s Point.

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