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Courtney Enloe
Courtney Enloe

In-House Counsel 2020: Courtney Enloe

When Courtney Enloe got a call from a recruiter in 2017 about a great job in the Midwest as head of litigation, her first reaction was absolutely not. At the time, she had just taken on business counsel responsibilities at McKesson in San Francisco and had no desire to leave.

But the recruiter’s description piqued her curiosity. She would report to Ivan Fong, a leader with a national reputation. And, the company was 3M, maker of so many iconic products.

“I talked to my husband and said I want to check it out but there is zero chance we are moving,” said Enloe. “So, I came to Minneapolis for an interview and fell in love. I fell in love with the people, fell in love with the company, and here I am.”

Enloe says that each successful outcome she’s had is the result of collaboration with colleagues, both lawyers and non-lawyers, with different skillsets. One of her strengths is building and motivating highly functional teams. At 3M, one of her first tasks was growing the litigation department to a team of about 30 including eight attorneys. “What’s best about my team is the diversity of thought. We have people from all regions, all backgrounds, and all areas of expertise,” she said.

Enloe believes a diverse team leads to more accurate decision-making in an arena that often involves complicated high-stakes litigation. “You want people who see things differently,” she explains. “If you surround everyone around a focal point you eventually get to the clearest picture. And that is what diversity is about. Inclusivity is about making sure the team feels they can tell it like it is.”

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