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Ben Klocke
Ben Klocke

In-House Counsel 2020: Ben Klocke

The world of finance has been a longtime interest for Ben Klocke, the son of a banker in Mason City, Iowa. After earning an undergrad degree in finance and graduating from the University of Iowa law school in 2007, Klocke worked for three law firms in Omaha, Nebraska, before moving to the Twin Cities in 2013. He joined Bloomington-based Bridgewater Bank as general counsel three years ago.

As general counsel, Klocke has helped guide one of the fastest growing banks in Minnesota, playing a key role in the bank’s move from a private entity into the public market in 2018. In the bank’s first year as a publicly traded company, he was tasked with creating the governance structures, educating the board, implementing robust investor relations processes and partnering with outside counsel. He assisted with the bank’s first 10K filing, initial virtual shareholder meeting, several insider trades and meeting all of the SEC-mandated filings.

“It was a new area of the law to me, so it was a challenge to quickly become more up to speed on corporate and securities law matters, and managing communications between us and our ‘outside’ counsel,” Klocke said. “We need to look at issues from three different perspectives – legal, business and regulators – how they will view our material decisions.”

He’s also currently in involved in developing Bridgewater Bank’s new corporate campus, partnering with regulatory agencies, negotiating leases, creating vendor contracts and resolving issues with contractors and government agencies.

He enjoys the variety of his work. “There is a broad spectrum of legal issues we face on a day-to-day basis, and we get to work with an incredibly talented leadership team.”

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