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2020 Unsung Legal Heroes

2020 Unsung Legal Heroes

An assistant attorney general who is also the president of the Minnesota Hispanic Bar Association; and the young attorney who already has become a force in employment law in less than a year at his firm. The records specialist, who over 20 years has gone from expertly managing physical files to maximizing online workflows and utilizing the complex database at one of the Twin Cities’ largest law firms; and the former Geek Squad multimedia specialist who now is a trial consultant who mixes the photography, video, graphics and multimedia presentations and “settlement videos” that drive out-of-court decisions.

2020 Unsung, Up & Coming

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They are just a few representatives of this year’s honorees — the collection of the young up and comers following their passion, and the indispensable, but perhaps too often overlooked, office heroes who also create an environment that fosters innovation.

Their stories are truly inspirational. Even as they work in a profession that can demand the billable hours, and the often-grueling preparation of legal research, client communications and attention to detail, these professionals never lose track of motivation, passion and vision.

Our honorees also have that can-do attitude to get them through, even when times are tough. One Unsung Hero’s best piece of advice from her mother sums it up best. “She told us long ago, don’t worry until you have something to worry about, and then when you do, make a plan and execute it. And it really has helped. I don’t worry about things. It’s really gotten me through a lot.”

Congratulations to our Up and Coming Attorneys and Unsung Legal Heroes. Your stories encourage all of us to live passionately and work hard. They also remind us to appreciate those whose work may be done out of the limelight but nevertheless has made all the difference.

 Joel Schettler, editor


Jessica Detko

Jennifer Domholt

Barb Ell

Pat Ewald

Molly Gulbrandson

Laura Haupt-Coleman

Susan (Sue) Heger

Desweon (Des) Hinds, Jallison Hubbard and Katrina St. Clair        

Information Technology Team, Minnesota Attorney General’s Office

Selina Kolsrud

Jennifer Marrone

Paul McCaffrey

Adriana Mejia

Yvonne Miller

Laura Mitlyng

Anthony Simone

Shannon Stoneking

Jenny Taplin 

Cynthia Trana

Rachel Zacharias