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Tiffany Blofield
Tiffany Blofield

Breaking the Ice: Intellectual property provides intellectual challenge

Name: Tiffany Blofield

Title: Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig

Education: B.A., St. Olaf College, psychology and economics, J.D., University of Minnesota Law School

Tiffany Blofield, shareholder at Greenberg Traurig, likes the intellectual challenge of her practice in intellectual property litigation and complex commercial litigation.

With her concentration in those areas and move this year to Greenberg Traurig, Blofield is developing a national and international practice with cases in several states outside of Minnesota plus Canada and Brazil.

“Intellectual property is so important now,” Blofield said. “For many companies their biggest asset is their intellectual property, be it a patent, a trademark, a copyright or their trade secrets.”

Blofield also conducts mediations as a qualified neutral in Minnesota and mediates trademark matters as a member of the International Trademark Association.

An internship with U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Jonathan Lebedoff and clerkship with Magistrate Judge Franklin Noel influenced her decision to go into mediation.

“That was something they did a great job of and I thought was interesting,” Blofield said. “If there’s a way to resolve [a case] sometimes you can do that earlier and I think that’s a benefit to the judicial system.”

Q: What’s the best way to start a conversation with you?

A: Just come up and start talking with me directly. I think I look approachable. As a lawyer I’m very inquisitive and like learning about different topics.

Q: What prompted you to study law and pursue it professionally?

A: I was a studious child and liked going to school, reading and writing and analyzing things. So the law was something where I’d get some additional education and do a lot of writing. I like debate; when I was in high school I did debate. I always thought it would be fun to be an actress and get a little of that when you go in front of a jury. This profession would give me the ability to read, analyze and do some jury work. I’m inquisitive, you learn about lots of different clients and their businesses.

Q: What books are on your bedside table or e-reader?

A: I’m starting “Never Split the Difference.” It’s from a former international hostage negotiator for the FBI, and I thought it would be helpful in my mediation practice or when I’m negotiating on behalf of a client to try to get a settlement.

Q: What is a pet peeve of yours?

A: People being late. I sometimes feel like then people don’t think it’s important, so I try to be on time. I learned this from my dad. We tend to get there early.

Q: What are your favorite aspects of being an attorney?

A: Arguing motions and jury trials and working with clients.

Q: Least favorite?

A: Billable hours.

Q: What’s a favorite activity outside your job?

A: I’m in a boat club, so I go boating on Lake Minnetonka with some good friends. Going to new and favorite restaurants with friends.

Q: If someone visits you in your hometown, what would you take them to see or do?

A: The Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. It’s a beautiful view of the city and the river. You can walk across and go to St. Anthony Main and have a nice dinner at a restaurant.

Q: Is there an attorney or judge, past or present, whom you admire most?

A: Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. I had the pleasure of meeting her, in what I think it was my first year as an attorney. She was extremely gracious.

Q: What’s a misconception people have about working as an attorney?

A: From all the movies and TV shows they think I’m in court all the time having “Perry Mason” moments.

Q: What is your favorite depiction of the legal professional in popular culture?

A: It’s got to be Lt. Daniel Kaffee, Tom Cruise in “A Few Good Men.” There was a “Perry Mason” moment with Jack Nicholson. When I can get my clients a good result that makes me happy and is as exciting as a movie for me.

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