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2019 Diversity & Inclusion

It’s up to us to demonstrate what’s possible, says Cornell Moore. The Dorsey lawyer, like the other recipients of this year’s Diversity and Inclusion Awards, means it and lives it. That’s what makes it so fulfilling to Minnesota Lawyer to bring you, for the third year, a roster of attorneys and judges who demonstrate what’s possible.

Click on the cover to see the full magazine.

Click on the cover to see the full magazine.

Some of the possible achievements are philosophical or psychological. That may include helping lawyers and law firms get past their fear of the “other,” bringing race equity into different areas of work, forging relationships and creating a culture that supports excellence, accomplishment and diversity.

Some of the possible achievements are about the big picture. That may be the demographics of the judiciary, the collateral consequences of crime, and taking care of the pipeline through mentoring, training and educational scholarships.

And some are at the nuts-and-bolts level, like getting billable hour credits for diversity work, opening up the practice to foreign lawyers, providing free online education, or increasing summer clerkships. It’s also the daily nuts and bolts work of attending committee meetings, keeping relationships going, watching out for one’s own implicit biases and reaching out to elected officials and candidates.

That may be a long list (and there’s more), but it demonstrates what’s possible, and Minnesota, thanks to our honorees, has it all. Minnesota Lawyer is honored to recognize our inspiring examples of diversity and inclusion.

—Barbara L. Jones, editor


Traci Bransford


Dayton Judicial Selection Team

Ami ElShareif

Amran Farah

Christopher Fowlkes

Mark Gordon

Judge JaPaul Harris

Cam Hoang

The Infinity Project

Irene Kao

Ellie Krug

Judge LaJune Thomas Lange

Inti Martínez-Alemán

Cornell Moore

Melissa Muro LaMere

Arleen A. Nand

Roshan N. Rajkumar

Aarik Robertson

Jorge Saavedra

Sapientia Law Group

Surya Saxena

Summra Shariff

Lola Velazquez-Aguilu

Judge Wilhelmina Wright

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