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Lauren Winter Routhier

2019 Up & Coming Attorneys: Lauren Winter Routhier

Even in law school, Lauren Routhier loved the nuances of property law, trusts, estates, and tax issues. When she began practicing, she quickly found a way to blend that interest with an extroverted personality by focusing on estate planning and administration at Stinson, joining in 2010 and becoming a partner last year.

“What I love is learning about my clients, and finding a way to help them navigate through complex situations,” she said. Her training in civil mediation has helped with family conflict resolution and consensus building, allowing her guide clients through sometimes painful life transitions.

“I feel like I have a direct impact on people’s lives,” said Routhier. “I can help families find a way to come together even when there are different sets of goals at play.”

Her pro bono work also picks up on the theme of family, she added. Her great grandmother came to the United States as a Jewish refugee and wasn’t able to become a citizen despite a deep desire to achieve that aim. ­That’s led Routhier to devote her time and expertise to assisting immigrants and refugees, particularly those coming from Somalia.

“My great grandmother’s story is my story,” she said, “and it’s the story of people coming to the country now. They’re looking for help. And I feel honored to be able to provide that.”

From estate planning to helping immigrants, Routhier is dedicated to being a trusted and skilled adviser, focused on removing obstacles and assisting her clients in moving forward.

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