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2019 Unsung Legal Heroes

There’s a nudge in the air this time of year, telling us that it’s time to reignite for the start of a season frequently associated with new classes, experiences and challenges. At Minnesota Lawyer, we have the added exhilaration of recognizing the legal community’s more recent additions to the profession and the staff who support them. They are inspirational, to put it mildly.

Click on the image to see the full magazine.

Click on the image to see the full magazine.

We all know the struggle of getting established in the profession — the billable hours, the ceaseless new questions and, of course, the mistakes. It’s a difficult time, even with our newly-institutionalized emphasis on lawyer wellness.

That’s why a close look at the returns paid by these up and coming lawyers, and the assistance they gratefully receive from unsung heroes, is so rewarding. They are involved in nonprofit and/or bar association efforts to assist parents, children, tenants, veterans, immigrants, students and the environment — actually any person or group whose rights need protection.

Our honorees also reflect the profession’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Several are on or even heading their firm’s diversity committees. Others are spending their pro bono time with clients seeking asylum or in other ways through the Advocates for Human Rights, the Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota and LGBTQ organizations, to name a few.

Our unsung heroes have got their backs – and everyone else’s. Case management and trial technology is their forte´, along with client communication, business development, legal research and attention to a zillion other details. We couldn’t do it without them.

Barbara L. Jones, editor


Angela Benser

Robin Dusterhoft

Kris Graves

Kelly Griffith

Dawn Hathaway

Daniel Hunter

Kim Kasper

Abigail Krueger

Amy Kulbeik

Ashley Lind

Nick Manty

John T. Murphy

DeeLon Pfeifer

Jess Rehbein

Joseph Satter

Jimmy Selix

Marie Siliciano

U.S. Attorney’s Office ALS team

Jill Wright

Dale Zilhart