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Robin Dusterhoft
Robin Dusterhoft

2019 Unsung Legal Heroes: Robin Dusterhoft

Unlike many law firm staff members, Robin Dusterhoft doesn’t work on multiple cases and projects. In fact, for the past five years of working at Robins Kaplan as a paralegal, she’s been on just one case — and her extensive knowledge and commitment to that effort has been a boon to complex litigation that greatly benefits from her approach.

Working in the firm’s Mass Tort Group, Dusterhoft has worked on a case related to Abilify, an antipsychotic medication with an alleged undisclosed side effect of compulsive behavior, leading some users to have considerable financial and emotional costs.

As the first point of contact for many of the firm’s Abilify clients, Dusterhoft has earned praise for the clear, compassionate, and organized way she approaches her role.

Even though she’s spoken to thousands of people in the past five years, her ability to remember minute details about every conversation is impressive. She also earns praise for how well she blends genuine warmth and connection with a need for obtaining facts and keeping those in order.

“People tell me their stories and it’s so powerful,” she said. “At the same time, I need to be able to distinguish what’s relevant and maintain that information in a way that’s able to be shared.”

She also keeps in contact with clients to educate them on the process of the case and keep them appraised of its progress. The skill needed to balance client intake and ongoing client management is formidable, especially with multiple court-imposed deadlines along the way, but Dusterhoft never misses a beat.

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