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(Submitted photo)
(Submitted photo)

Bar Buzz: Ramsey County new and returning judges

Two new judges and incumbent judges who were re-elected pose for a photo at their informal swearing-in ceremony on Monday, January 7. From left are Judge Robyn A. Millenacker (re-elected), Judge Stephen L. Smith (re-elected), Judge Adam Yang (elected), Judge Timothy T. Mulrooney (re-elected), Judge Teresa R. Warner (re-elected), Judge Lezlie Ott Marek (re-elected), Judge P. Paul Yang (elected), Second Judicial Chief Judge John H. Guthmann, and Judge Elena L. Ostby (re-elected). Re-elected Judges Robert A. Awsumb, DeAnne M. Hilgers, and Laura E. Nelson are not pictured.

Ramsey County now has two Judge Yang’s, so attorneys should watch out. Bar Buzz hears that Ramsey County is bracing for the confusion and has wisely assigned the judges to chambers on different floors.

Judge P. Paul Yang’s investiture ceremony was scheduled for Jan. 10 at the Landmark Center and Judge Adam Yang’s investiture is scheduled for 4 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 17, at the Landmark Center.

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