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Bar Buzz: Turnovers on the bench

Finding a replacement for 10th Judicial District Judge John McBride is on a fast track, with applicants due by Wednesday, Dec. 5, and interviews scheduled for Dec. 14.

Application materials are available from Megan Jablonski Johnson, judicial appointments coordinator at Megan.JablonskiJohnson@state.mn.us. A cover letter and resume are also required.

The governor has other judicial spots to fill. Two spots are open in Hennepin County with the retirement of Judge Pamela Alexander and the appointment of Judge Nancy Brasel to the U.S. District Court. The finalists are Todd Fellman, Michelle Hatcher, James Keeler, Allen Slaughter Jr., Rachna Sullivan, and Referee Angela Willms.

The 6th District has three candidates for one spot, now held by retiring Judge Mark Munger. They are Kevin Cornwell, Terri Port Wright and Rebekka Stumme.

In the 9th Judicial District, four finalists have been named to fill the spots of retiring Judges David F. Harrington and Davin J. Ten Eyck. They are Patricia Alander Aanes, Charles Halverson, Matthew Mallie and Sarah Winge.

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