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(Photo: Craig Lassig)
(Photo: Craig Lassig)

Bar Buzz: Supreme Court annexes technology

For the first time ever, technology assisted in a Supreme Court oral argument on Wednesday, Oct. 31, and it appeared to be not at all scary.

The case, In Re the Matter of the Annexation of Certain Real Property (etc.) was a dispute over whether an orderly annexation agreement pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 414.0325 precludes other methods of annexation of the same property.

“X marks the spot where this story begins,” Nathan N. LaCoursiere, assistant city attorney for Duluth, told the court.

The subject property at issue was colored red, and LaCoursiere was able to increase the red places on the map, or, as Justice David Lillehaug said, “[The court] saw this creeping red virus marching along the landscape.”

In this photo, attorney John Bray and Assistant Attorney General Nathan Hartshon ponder the map, or, as Hartshorn called it, the “red stripe of horribles.”

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