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Uber settlement to pay $34K per harassment claim

Bloomberg News//August 22, 2018

Uber settlement to pay $34K per harassment claim

Bloomberg News//August 22, 2018

The cost of Uber Technologies Inc.’s sexual harassment scandal is now itemized: 56 current and former employees who filed claims stand to collect an average of $33,928.57.

In addition, those workers and 431 other female and minority engineers covered by a 2017 class-action lawsuit will receive an average of just under $11,000 for alleged pay disparities, according to a final accounting in the settlement of the case that was submitted Monday to a federal judge in Oakland, California.

The payouts for harassment and hostile-work-environment claims were calculated based on the severity and duration of the alleged misconduct, the existence of supporting witnesses and documentation, the impact on the victim, the perpetrator’s job title and other circumstances.

Only two people covered by the settlement have opted out so far, and no class member has filed an objection, according to Monday’s filing by lawyers for the plaintiffs. A hearing on approval of the settlement is set for Nov. 6.

“We agree with the plaintiff’s motion which states that ‘the class has responded extremely favorably to the settlement’ with amounts that are ‘fair, reasonable, and adequate,” Uber said in a statement.

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