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Minnesota Lawyer’s guide to the attorney general race

Meet the candidates running for attorney general in Minnesota.


Keith Ellisonag5-ellison-keith-ellison-3_062918

Keith Ellison thinks it’s ‘the right moment’

“Because justice is a system, you need a good, solid, zealous attorney.”

ag4-foley-tom-foley_1Tom Foley

Job isn’t just anti-Trump megaphone

“I’d bring independent, effective leadership. I don’t just want a megaphone to criticize Trump.”

hilstrom_0615-kfDebra Hilstrom

‘A work horse, not a show horse’

“I have changed the law and advocated on behalf of consumers every day in the Minnesota House of Representatives, and I have also defended the law.”

pelikan2Matt Pelikan

Matt Pelikan thinks he has a solid shot

“Minnesota needs a strong and progressive attorney general who is going to be on the front lines fighting to get an economy that is actually delivering results to everyone in the state, in every part of the state.”

agrothman-mike-rothman_2Mike Rothman

Mike Rothman says he’s ready from day one

“I believe that it is critically important that the attorney general take every action it can to stop the opioid crisis.”


Bob Lessardag-lessard-bob-lessard_2-copy

Bob Lessard runs to protect Legacy funds

“The attorney general’s office was never supposed to be used as a political platform for anybody — either of the parties. It’s supposed to be used to enforce the Minnesota Constitution.”

ag6-warlow-doug-wardlow-2_071118Doug Wardlow

Doug Wardlow would insist on ‘rule of law’

“I have a strong message focused on the rule of law and keeping Minnesotans safe. I think that has broad appeal in Minneapolis and St. Paul and all across greater Minnesota.”

Sharon Anderson

Quirky candidate Anderson’s running for AG—again

“I’m not going to win the election. But let’s hope to God that we win the war for Donald Trump.”

Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis

Noah M. Johnsonag8-noahjohnson-300x160

Weed backer hopes to smoke competition

“Since using or selling marijuana doesn’t necessarily harm anyone, I don’t think it is permissible for the state to impose criminal liability.”

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