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Bar Buzz: Looking for possible plaintiffs post-Janus

If you are a public employee who has unwillingly paid union dues, the Center of the American Experiment is looking for you.

In June the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the First Amendment prohibits public-sector unions from taking or collecting money from non-union members. That ruling was retroactive, opening the doors to a plethora of lawsuits seeking damages.  Numerous pro bono attorneys are at work to recover the improperly collected dues. The center is looking for teachers, home health care providers and state and local government workers.

Their contact information is employeechoice@americanexperiment.org. Kim Crockett, the director of the center, may also be reached at 612-584-4563.

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  1. There many things wrong with this solicitation of clients posted yesterday (8/7/18). I am not going to recount all of the issues with the post here (anyone read the ethics rules lately?) But I do want to say I am unsure what Ms Crockett or her handlers have against hard working public employees joining together to counter balance their employer’s rule of the workplace to make it safer, more fair or to advocate for adequate compensation and decent benefits. I do know she regularly shows up at the legislature to attack public employee pensions. Someone ought to tell her that many public employee unions in Minnesota have gained more members than they have lost since the Janus decision in late June. Janus might be a 1st Amendment case but the US Supreme Court did not, nor can they, take away public employees right to gather together to for collective action and advocacy. We all know we are stronger together and no lawsuit(s) can change that fact.

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