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Bar Buzz: Bar associations to combine staff

Tim Groshens

Tim Groshens

When Tim Groshens retires as executive director of the Minnesota State Bar Association it will be the end of an era. Not just the era of Groshens’ employment since 1978 but an end to the era of separate staffing for the MSBA, the Ramsey County Bar Association and the Hennepin County Bar Association.

The new era will see a shared staff model with one executive director to better coordinate efforts, increase efficiencies, and improve member value.

The three bar associations announced in a joint press release that they will continue to be independently governed organizations, with increased collaboration intended to strengthen support to district bar associations and attorney members throughout the state.  Each association will maintain its own distinct identity and programing.

“This is a great step forward in realigning the associations to meet the changing needs of the legal profession.  While there are many important issues that still need to be addressed, we will end up with all three associations in stronger positions,” said MSBA President Sonia Miller Van-Oort, RCBA President Paul Peterson and HCBA President Thad Lightfoot in the release.

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