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Bar Buzz: Michelle MacDonald to challenge Chutich for high court

Attorney Michelle MacDonald is running for Supreme Court for the third time, this time against Justice Margaret Chutich. MacDonald was reinstated to practice in April, subject to completion of the professional responsibility exam and is on probation.

She is attempting to create a third political party called “Revolutionize Family Court” and provided a form on her web site to support forming the party. As of 2:15 p.m. Tuesday, June 5 the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State had not received a petition.

Her election web site states: “If anybody else wants to come with me, this moment will be the beginning of something real, and fun, and inspiring in this God forsaken business — and we will do it together!”

MacDonald also alleged that judges are authorized to take gifts of up to $150, without limit. “Did you know it is legal to bribe your judge?” her website asks. She also says that judges have created immunity to protect their incompetent, negligent, fraudulent or malicious conduct.

Court of Appeals Judge Lucinda Jesson also faces a challenge from Anthony L. Brown, who lists his campaign address at 413 Wacouta St., Suite 140, in St. Paul.

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One comment

  1. I am pleased to see that Michelle MacDonald is competing again for a seat on the Minnesota Supreme Court, a tough challenge, since the oligarchy of the judiciary and BAR has carved out and protects a ballot privilege for judges, giving them an “Incumbent” label on the ballot, if they are already seated as judges, usually at the benefit of an administrative appointment rather than by an election prescribed in the Minnesota Constitution.

    MacDonald’s practice as an attorney of 30 years, primarily in the area of family law has been exemplary. She was made it her life’s work to remove the Courts from having power to provide intervention in family affairs, counseling instead that families should work out their issues without the expense and frustration of litigation and government edict.

    That is a noble cause, for which she should be honored, but, of course, the oligarchy abhors her efforts with that, protectionism of its self-interests.

    She is also doing important work in challenging the protectionism of judicial immunity and the self-oversight of the judiciary, more needed and honorable work. Of course the oligarchy despises her.

    We can do what is right for “we the people” by being sure to flip our ballots in November to the judicial side, and recognizing that the “Incumbent” label is not a badge of honor, but a badge of the tyranny of that Third Branch of government that needs to be kept in check, and voting for MacDonald, and other challengers of incumbents.

    For the future, we the people need to be supporting legislation that will terminate the “Incumbent” ballot privilege of the oligarchy. That can be a needed first step to restore the due honor and decorum that the Minnesota judiciary needs to fulfill its Constitutional role of the Third Branch of government.

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