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Judge Christian Wilton
Judge Christian Wilton

Judge presides at wedding of his successful probationer

When Jennifer Jensen came into court, Scott County Judge Christian Wilton knew things were not good.  He also knew she was under the influence of heroin and eight months pregnant. The judge put her in jail. More importantly, he stayed on her, bringing her back into court 27 times while she was on probation. She was in custody when she delivered her son, Jackson, who was born addicted to heroin. But she made it through probation, earned an AA degree and became involved in Narcotics Anonymous. On the day Wilton discharged her from probation, he also said yes to her request that he perform her wedding. “It was a great day,” he told Minnesota Lawyer.

That started before Scott County had an official drug treatment court and was actually the impetus for getting it started, Wilton said. He credits the county board for providing the resources to staff the treatment court.  “They have the community in mind,” he said.

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