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Bar Buzz: Prince probate puzzle

A new wrinkle has appeared in the Prince estate, although undoubtedly not for long. Among the filings in the Estate of Prince Rogers Nelson is a Notice of Objections for the Sale of Gaplin (sic) property on the grounds that it is “Native American Land.” It evidently refers to property in Chanhassen, also called the Galpin property in the document, where Prince owned a house that has since been razed.

The motion is from Shawnetta T. Graham, an Illinois woman who alleges she is Prince’s half-sister and he “willed” everything to her and she has requested Carver County Judge Kevin Eide to transfer the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

She objects to the sale of the property on the grounds that Prince inherited the land from his mother, who she claims was Native American and the sale will bring about conflict between the Native Americans of Minnesota and the United States; it will bring about conflict between the U.S. Supreme Court and the High Supreme Court of the Native Private Society, who controls the flow of water to the world; and that the Mohawk Indian Tribe Nation has “trillions” of soldiers composing the National Native Army. She also objects apparently because she has posted a bond that should be used to cover estate costs.

Graham concludes, “If in fact my rights are continue to be violated; then, I will request that the United Nations ‘kick out’ or ‘suspend’ the United States membership, or request that the United States liquidate damages against me with homes, property, & land. In conclusion, is this human rights violation really worth it?”

The complete document, along with the other filings in Nelson, are available on the judicial branch’s website.

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