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Erin Sindberg Porter
Erin Sindberg Porter

Up & Coming: Erin Sindberg Porter

Working and communicating well with others — even opposing counsel — is a key to Erin Sindberg Porter’s legal practice.

It’s particularly important in her role as a lead lawyer on two coordinated, consolidated cases involving complex issues in multiple jurisdictions, she said.

In one, Sindberg Porter, an attorney at Greene Espel since 2008, represents several mortgage companies, and in the other a large international corporation.

“Building good relations with people whether they’re on the same side of the ‘v.’ or on the other side of the ‘v.’ is critical to making sure that you can keep your case progressing,” Sindberg Porter said. “I find it to be much more productive to find some common ground and work from there.”

Sindberg Porter, a graduate of what is now Mitchell Hamline School of Law, focuses on civil and commercial litigation and has a white-collar criminal defense and investigations practice.

A founding member of the Minnesota Mother Attorneys Association, Sindberg Porter has two young sons. “Being in private practice is not easy,” she said. “It’s not easy when you’re married and when you have young kids. It was important in founding the organization to support and connect with other women on this journey.”

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