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Andrew Murphy
Andrew Murphy

Up & Coming: Andrew Murphy

In his first decade of practice, Andrew Murphy has not only achieved partner status at the Twin Cities’ largest law firm, but he has also established himself as a regional leader in labor and employment law.

Murphy focuses on class and collective actions, with expertise and experience in Fair Labor Standards Act collective-action litigation, matters involving alleged independent contractor misclassification and cases involving joint employment and agency liability claims.

Murphy credits Faegre counsel D. Lucetta Pope with steering him toward his successful practice area when he was a junior associate, enriching his budding practice with knowledge of class- and collective-action litigation.

“She helped me to really understand how to think through complex problems and write and express your position to the court,” Murphy said. “I got involved in class-action cases with our employment team and have been doing that ever since.”

Among numerous successful cases, Murphy pointed with pride to a complex race-discrimination case in which he represented the nationally known employer.

“We were able to pre-emptively move to deny class certification, which is something you don’t see very frequently,” he said. “We were able to defeat the class by going on the offensive early on. We achieved success for our client on a much faster time scale than we could have hoped for.”

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